Maintenance Contracts

Software updates and blog posts and event listings — maybe these aren’t the best uses of your time. Here’s an idea: outsource it all.

“What can you do for me if I hire you for monthly maintenance?”

Software updates

Did you know that you should be logging into your web site’s back end to check for updates at least once per week? If you know that, are you doing it?

Neglecting software updates can cause huge, huge problems for all web site owners. WordPress and Joomla sites require updates to the core software, the plugins and widgets, and the templates and themes on a regular basis. Doing these updates can be quick or it can be time-consuming, and there’s no way to predict what kind of updates you’ll have each week.

Jebraweb’s maintenance plans keep these updates happening for you. You don’t have to even think about it. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Announcements and Events

Are you relying on your Facebook page or — say it isn’t so! — a poster in your window to keep your clients, donors, Board members, or customers informed of upcoming events? How’s that working out for you?

Wouldn’t your Board love to have a list of the whole year’s worth of meetings, all in one place? How about your class schedule, upcoming book signings, or Taco Tuesday fundraiser? I know, I know: the answer to all of that is of course, but it’s too much data to manage on one page of your web site.

Well, good news: we’ve found several amazing pieces of technology to seamlessly manage event announcements for our clients. Whether you send it to us in one enormous document at the beginning of the year or a few events at a time every month, we can keep your stakeholders happily informed of the very next Big Thing happening for you. And the next thing, and the next, and the next…


Uploading Blog Posts

When you write a blog post, do you need to refer to complicated instructions just to get it up on your web site? Do you sometimes write blog posts and then never quite get around to adding them to your site at all?

Online content marketing experts agree that regularly adding content to your web site is crucial to achieving good search engine rankings and bringing in traffic from social media. Writing the blog posts you need to get timely content onto your site is half the battle — but the other half is adding those posts to the site itself. Logging in, remembering where and how to add the content and the links and all the important information you need to make a post show up where you want it to show up — well, sometimes it’s just too frustrating. And then you don’t do it.

What if you could just email the Word document to Jebraweb and then us get it onto your site? You’d be surprised at how quickly we can get your post online. Picture it: doc to dot-com in a third of the time it’s been taking you. Admit it…that sounds great.

Photo Curation

Have you ever written something great that you know your customers are going to love, only to see it on the screen and realize that it looks a little…empty? Dry? Flat? It’s missing images, but do you know how to find a good one?

Let’s face it, we’re all a little lazy when we read on the web. We’ve been trained to let our eyes rest on images. That said, it’s easier than it should be to use images that don’t belong to us or images that everyone and their accountant have already used. We can create curated collections of free or low-price licensed photos for you that represent the kind of image you want to portray on your web site. Once you’ve chosen the photos you like, we’ll apply best practices in file naming, social media optimized sizing, and accessibility so that you’ve positioned that photo into that text perfectly. That sure does sound nicer than another piece of clip art, right?

Not even sure how to start?

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