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What We Do



Starting from scratch with your first web site? We can get you from idea to launch.

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Want to grow or enhance your current site? We’ll start with phase 2, 3 or beyond.

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Mid-way through a project that just can’t get itself finished? We can help get you un-stuck.

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Ready for a fresh start? We can help you imagine a new web presence to fit today’s internet.

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Need help keeping your site updated? We can manage software, blog posts, and your long online to-do list.

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Not sure what you need next? No worries; we can help you ask yourself the right questions to plan your next move.

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Building your first web site

Never done this before? You’re not our first newbies. We’ll make it easy.

Jebraweb’s site design process begins with good long conversations about what you like, what you need, who your audience is, and what your goals are. We offer worksheets and clear instructions so that the process can be collaborative, fruitful, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Expanding on what works

You’re not the first person to wish your site did *just a little bit more.* Whether you’re looking to connect your web site and your membership software, add an interactive calendar, or finally get that blog started, we can help you fit your new plan into the site you love. We love phase 2 (and phase 3, 4, 5…).

Getting your project un-paused

Sometimes the first designer isn’t the best fit. Sometimes a project gets stalled and only fresh eyes and a jolt of caffeine can get it going again. We can take over and move your work forward no matter where it’s gotten stuck.

Giving your site an updated look

Remember when Comic Sans was the coolest font ever? Remember flashing yellow “NEW!” stars and music that played as soon as your page opened? Shoulderpads aren’t in fashion any longer, and neither is that kind of web design. That’s ok; let’s dream it better! Fashion changes online just like it does on the runway. We can keep what works and find the new styles that fit your online presence perfectly.

Keeping Up

Be honest: when was the last time you logged in and updated your web site’s software? And don’t you have a few ideas for blog posts you’ve been meaning to flesh out as soon as you remember how to post them to your site? Hey, you can’t run every aspect of your organization yourself. Let us take care of the online tech for you. We can work on a 3, 6, or 10 hour per month basis.

Plotting your next move.

If all of this sounds like three to thirty steps ahead of where you are now, don’t panic. We can start by talking, identifying the goals of an online presence and the ways you might get started. Years of talking to businesses and organizations like yours have us ready to think alongside you and your team. Let’s get some coffee and figure this out.

Our clients say…

"From preliminary site mapping to conference-call, screen-sharing remote training at the end, our experience with Jebraweb has been a dream.

Diane Arnold, Tri-Dawgs Triathletes

"I needed to work with someone who 'got' me, who listened to my needs but was able to draw out of me what I might be needing later...I have NEVER been left in the lurch."

Andrea Friedmann, Vibrations Coaching

"Jebraweb helped us tremendously when we ran into a last-minute snag on our website implementation. They were able to come onboard immediately and work with our current team to understand and resolve the issue."

Jay Kiecolt-Wahl, olollo, inc

"It took 3 tries to find the best website company - and for me the third time was the charm. Jebraweb understood my needs."

Beth Schenker, The Big Schmear Podcast

"We hired Jebraweb to design and build our 3rd generation website. They translated our concept into a great design and navigation framework, giving us several options at each step in the process."

David Arnold, Main Line Unitarian Church

Let’s do this.