Talk about a project with some cachet! The WELL is a prestige project like no other. One of the original online spaces for social interaction, long before any “social media” you’d recognize today, The WELL was operating as a dial-up bulletin board. It retains thousands of active members, many of whom have been connected to each other for decades through this original, revolutionary, groundbreaking online network.

Working with board members and early WELL members Christian Ruzich and Daryl Johnson was fantastic. A client doesn’t come more well-informed and better-educated about the web than people like these two. They knew what they needed from day one and stayed in touch as we manually moved hundreds and hundreds of pages from their legacy site to this new one, including hundreds of photographs of ¬†WELL gatherings over the years. (Dig deep in this site and find great photos of their annual crawdad feasts!)

The WELL has a great space for their archive, marketing material, and PR. Since our launch, they’ve taken over the management of the site themselves to great success.