Carrie Goldman, Author & Speaker

When your client brings her new Bichon puppy to meetings, you know it’s going to be a fun project!

Carrie Goldman was one of the best, most affable clients we’ve worked with. She knew what she wanted instinctively at every stage of the work, whether it was the exciting process of using to help her rethink her brand identity or the slow slog through reorganizing her product offerings and rewriting her content. Her work in education on bullying, social media risk in teens, adoption, and other parenting issues has brought her all over the US to speak, and her books on bullying and adoption have been received with tremendous acclaim. Getting the word out about her work so that she can reach more audiences was the primary goal of this project.

She went from a simple, understated site to this new one that does her bright, energetic stage presence so much more justice. Congratulations, Carrie!






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