All too often, small businesses and nonprofit organizations are taught the basics of managing content on their sites without being taught how to manage the rights of the site’s administrative users. If your organization has rotating interns, part-time staff that turns over, or if you plan to increase the number of people who can add or edit the content on your site, you need to know how to do that in your site’s back end.

Both Joomla and WordPress have relatively simple user management interfaces, and most of the time, adding a new user is the task you’ll be looking to complete. So, which open-source content management software makes it easiest? Last week, we compared the number of steps involved in adding a new blog post in each system. This week, we’ll compare the relative ease of adding a new users.

Once again, the steps are nearly identical and, if you use the mouseover menus at the top of the Joomla interface, you can even skip the second step, making it a draw. In the case of speed and simplicity, there is no advantage to either interface.

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