A business blog is the most often recommended way to get your business noticed and recognized for its vitality online. Because of this, most small business owners we know make the majority of their updates to their web site by adding blog posts. When you sit down to decide how you’ll build your site, if you’re looking at open source content management tools, your two most obvious choices are Joomla and WordPress.

Because we work with both content management systems, we wanted to show you in the simplest terms what the process of adding a post to your blog will look like in each piece of software. While WordPress began as blog software and is touted as the most commonly used method of setting up a blog, you’ll find below that the simplicity of blog updating between WordPress and Joomla is simpler than you might think!

This post is the first in a series of posts where we break down common web update activities in both content management systems. Do you have something you do to update your site that you’d like to see reviewed here? Let us know via email or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!