About Jebraweb

“There is no one way for businesses and charities to make the world a better place. My job is to help them share their vision online.”
-Debi Lewis, founder

It's more than money.

Nothing Jebraweb does will ever feel right if it is not in support of something bigger than profit.

Sharing is important.

We think open-source software is the most ethical choice for ourselves and our clients (even if it’s more like free kittens than free beer).

You are people.

Recognizing our clients as human beings with personal lives is important.

Coffee is crucial.

We insist that great espresso drinks are indispensable business tools.

We Come From Nonprofits and Good People.

Jebraweb was founded in 2006 by Debi Lewis after a decade of consulting on web strategy, design, and development for good people across multiple industries. In particular, it was her experience working at the helm of the web presence for a major nonprofit organization that inspired Debi to form a consulting firm that focused on those businesses and charities acting on a real desire to make the world a better place. More than a decade later, Jebraweb is working to bend the arc of the universe toward justice, one pixel at a time.

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How much is a web site?

Oh, how we wish we could tell you! The truth is that we can’t answer this without asking you a whole lot of our own questions, including: how many pages? does it need a store? does it need a calendar? do you have your own photos? do you need help with the site map? do you need search engine optimization? Rather than give you a meaningless answer, we’d rather set up a 15 minute phone call to talk it through.

How long does a web site take?

See above! We can’t always give you a timeline before we’ve had a conversation, but we can guarantee you that we’ll work within the timeline we set with you.

Do you work with Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly?

Nope. These are tools meant to be used by laypeople who need something quick and easy. When you pay to host with these services, you’re also paying for really great customer service and hand-holding as you build. You shouldn’t also have to pay a design firm. That said, if you want some ideas about how to strategize your site, we’d be happy to help you plan!

What if we're a business, not a non-profit? Will you work with us?

Sure! We don’t think making money means you don’t have a lofty, beautiful goal to change the world. We all have to eat! (Jebraweb isn’t a non-profit organization either.) We’re looking to work with businesses that have a social-entrepreneurial attitude. Are you selling environmentally-friendly products? Are you helping your clients move past tragedy toward recovery? Does your business support other non-profits? We want to work with you!

Can we work together even if we're outside the Chicago area?

Yes, we can! We have clients on multiple US coasts and across the ocean. We conduct lots of online meetings with screen-sharing and video conferencing, share thousands of emails, and make plenty of phone calls, as well as share files online. Everything we do with our Chicago-area clients in person can be done virtually with our clients elsewhere — except maybe clink our coffee cups.

Do you handle search engine optimization and social media?

Indeed! We know your web site is home base for your online presence, but you’ve got to get your users to show up there somehow. We work with professionals who understand search keywords and social media positioning to make sure that your site is primed for the best welcome to your guests, whether they’ve arrived from Google or Facebook.

Ask us anything.

We’ll get right back to you.

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