There is something bigger than profit.

There's a world of difference between a job and a calling.

There's the way your passion serves your community.

There's the way your business has a mission to improve the lives of your customers.


There is more to building a web site than moving pixels and clicking on buttons, and there’s more to your business than what we can learn from your business card. Our approach works best to move your project forward when everyone recognizes the humans behind the pixels. We run on espresso drinks  – how about you?


“doesn’t that mean recycling and stuff?”

We believe in big-picture sustainability! Our web projects are made so that you can maintain them yourself if you like. We use open-source software and recommend hosting with earth-friendly companies.


Meet the do-gooder techies who merge communication skills with online know-how to build you a web presence that helps change the world. With talents ranging from web strategy and design to social media marketing and ad-buying, our network of professionals can help move your mission forward.


WordPress and Joomla, themes and plugins, hosting and document storage: they’re all just tools. Sure, we have some favorites, but the tool has to fit the job. What we build is for you, not for us, so let’s choose the best tech for your needs.

Average Espresso Drinks Per Week

Years on the Web


Discount for Non-Profits

Not even sure how to start?

Let's just talk. Tell us what's bumming you out about your web site, and we'll cheer you up with all the cool things we could do together to make it better. We offer free fifteen-minute phone consultations to get you inspired and both of us acquainted.

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Why the Divi Theme Is #WebsiteGoals

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Redesign, Revisit, Rethink, Reiterate

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Jebraweb Redesign Case Study: Advanced Dental

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Get the Stains out of Your Web Site

Get the Stains out of Your Web Site

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