Hip Circle Empowerment Center

Hip Circle Empowerment Center’s web site is the perfect example of a project designed to grow with the organization. When we came on board, their site was run in Drupal, a powerful content management system far too complicated for the average layperson to manage on their own. The editing interface was not working for the founder, and updates were hard to make. She needed a site in WordPress that could accommodate the studio management software she used to schedule fitness classes, workshops, and meetings for this crucial community-connecting center for women and families.

We found a lovely minimalist theme that allowed us to mimic the clean lines and colors of her bellydance studio. The serene, simple look she chose allows the user to take a breath and choose from fewer options. The studio software embeds itself where necessary but does not clutter the rest of the space.

In the time since this site launched, Hip Circle transitioned from business to non-profit organization, and the subtle rebranding was also easy for founder to manage. This site has been simple to update since its launch. If you’re ever in the area, stop by Hip Circle for a class!