Children’s Immigration Law Academy

Working with CILA gave us a a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction. An example of a non-profit close to our hearts, the Children’s Immigration Law Academy provides attorneys the kind of training they need to support undocumented, unaccompanied children. In a political environment that has left us and many of our clients feeling helpless, supporting the work of CILA is rewarding and meaningful.

Our work with Yasmin Yavar at CILA took place entirely on a remote basis. From their offices in Texas, CILA staff provided feedback on design and layout, sent us electronic versions of content, and helped to coordinate a connection between the web site and their contact management system, Salesforce. The addition of an event calendar allowed them to advertise live trainings and webinars.

CILA has opted to have Jebraweb manage the updates and maintenance on the site, creating continuity and ensuring that software stays up-to-date.




Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce