This Week in Our Web: March 21, 2014

This week in the American Midwest can best be summarized by the Beatles:

We also saw a lot of interesting things on the backlit screens we love so well all year long. Here are some of the interesting things we saw and read this week.

We started the week on our blog with an "it's ALL good" breakdown of the advantages of the two main methods most organizations are choosing these days for building a web site: self-hosted content management systems or "software-as-a-service" models. Different businesses and organizations have different needs, and there are places for all of these products on the web:

Do you hate the new Apple iOS? Join the club. Huffington Post writer Kimann Schultz points out the irritation that can be cause by "fixing" things your users don't think are broken.

man and woman kissingAlso not very popular? Deceiving your audience into thinking your beautiful art film is just a beautiful art film and not an advertisement for designer clothing. Oops. Not smart, First Kiss folks.

While that Beatles video at the top of the page might not sell anything for me, making my own original video very well could -- at least, that's true for 96% of online buyers.

Businesses with a social conscience are going to save the world. I really believe that!

 Joomla vs. Wordpress vs. Drupal, round 25,151 (or something). This comparison focuses on extensions, widgets, and plugins:

If I donate to your organization, you get my donation. If I donate to your organization and share your thank-you on my social media, you get my donation, free press, and maybe some donations from my friends. Make it easier for me to share!


xkcd comic about instruction manuals

Hipster guy with glasses

Words words words words. Not very exciting. But an image? See how fast you engage with it!

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